Bento #2: Chwee Kueh (Singaporean water rice cake with preserved turnip)

This is a classic Singaporean Hawker Food dish.
Recipe can be found here.

Bento Made On: August 23 2009
Bento Eaten On: August 24 2009

chwee kueh

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  1. Looks really really good. I’m so craving for Chwee Kueh as I’ve been away from home (Singapore) for too long. Would you highly recommened the receipe you used?


    By the way, is the Chai Poh called Dried Radish? Or should it be Preserved Dried Radish?! There’s no such thing as Chai Poh in England if you know what I mean. LOL!

  2. Yup definitely highly recommended!
    I like it a little chewy, but if you are like my sister and like it way soft, then you can add more water.

    Ha as for the chai poh
    some people call it turnip but some call it radish.
    Oh and oops my bad , it’s not dried. It’s preserved.
    The one I used is called salted turnips or 菜脯粒.
    The manufacurer is Sanwa Food Enterprise Co.
    You should be able to find it in London’s Chinatown…they have way more stuff than we have in Atlanta, Georgia! :p
    If it’s there in London, it should be under the refrigerated section.
    I will post a picture of the packet I used.

  3. I’m about to die from chwee kueh craving…haven’t eaten any for 1.5 years. Tried making them from the recipes posted online but somehow my attempts weren’t successful. What do you use for the mould?

  4. Hey Tammi,

    I got my moulds from Singapore.
    What did you use?
    Haha I know what you mean. I probably didn’t eat chwee kueh for 3 years until I finally decided to try making it. Do you live in the US?

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