Omuraisu ga sukidesu!
I made omurice for dinner tonight.

Oiishidesuyo! Tasted uber yummy 🙂
I started with some leftover beef fried rice from a local korean tofu house. For more nutritious meal, I added in some chopped deli-sliced ham to the fried rice then fried it with some ketchup til it became pinky orange in color. I also added black pepper for a little kick. Then I whisked 2 eggs together and made an omelet. Being careful not to damage the perfectly round omelet, I placed it over my fried rice. I made sure I did not put too much fried rice on the plate, if not it will be hard to cover it completely with the omelet. I tucked in the omelet into the rice on top and the bottom. Then, I drizzled the ketchup over it and added some chopped spring onions for some color and added taste.

I also made Japanese curry, the sauce packet kind, not the granules kind.
This was my first time making curry from the sauce packet that included vegetables.
Even though it has the added convenience of not having to add your own chopped veggies, I think I like the granules kind better.
The consistency is smoother and less lumpy for the granules kind..

Tada…this is my finished product:

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