Cake Attack

Credit for this photo goes to:

Alas, I have swiftly moved past the Ice-cream phase and gone into the Cake phase.
I know, I know, like my Primary 1 (Grade 1) School teacher said, “She’s a scatterbrain”.
Lol . I just like different things and get bored quickly. Is there anything wrong with that?? *pout* XD

This was largely brought upon the multitudes of episodes of “Ace of Cakes” I had been watching on the Food Network. They have the awesomest cakes ever..! Some of my favorites are the Nikon D60 Cake (My camera!!), and the iphone cake. But then again, all of their cakes are awesome!

I’ve signed up for the Wilton Cake Decorating Class at my local Michael’s store. SO excited!!! It will start in 2 days!!! My colleague at work, Brenda, had taken the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes before but stopped because of her arthiritis. So she gave me all her cake decorating stuff! Sweeet…! But despite that load of cake decorating stuff, I increasingly became obsessed with buying MORE stuff..ahhh..helppp.
I bought stuff like decorating press sets, an angled icing spatula, rotating cake stand, cake lifter, icing scultor set….etc…etc…etc! I even bought sugar pearls, edible shiny dust, and green and white merckens chocolate wafers from eBay. All this before attending a single cake decorating class.. lol!

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