Bento #6: Spam Fried Rice, deli sliced chicken breast (ham style), Dried Prunes, Strawberry jam bunny sandwiches

Leftover spam fried rice from last night’s dinner
Sunsweet Dried Prunes for fiber
Strawberry jam bunny sandwiches made of cut hot dog buns, organic strawberry jam, and decorated with melted milk chocolate

The milk chocolate hardened really quickly…!



Bento #5: (Half-a-bento) Caprese & Popcorn

1st Tier: Cherry tomatoes & string mozzarella cheese skewers
2nd tier: Caramel popcorn from Garrett’s.

Had a half a sandwich left from previous day’s lunch from Jason’s Deli in the office fridge.bento5

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Bento #4: Kimchi Fried Rice, Ham flowers with star eyes, Popcorn, Dried Prunes, Haw Flakes

Kimchi Fried Rice has kimchi, rice, mushrooms, japanese fish sausages, seaweed and beef. Been addicted to kimchi fried rice ever since I ate it at the restaurant Honey Pig. You have to request for fried rice at the end of your grilled meat/seafood..etc meal.

Used a vegetable cutter to cut out flowers from Ham, and used paper punches to cut out stars and the mouth from nori seaweed.

The second tier contains caramel popcorn from Garrett’s. It’s the most delcious popcorn I’ve ever tasted!! 😀 The other cupcake foil holds 2 Sunsweet individually wrapped dried prunes and 1 Haw flakes snack.

Bento Made On: September 7 2009
Bento Eaten On: September 8 2009

kimchi fried rice

Bento #3: Inari Sushi Babies

Made Inari sushi to look like babies with nori blankets. Also had another tier of cherries and longans.

Bento Made On: August 24 2009
Bento Eaten On: August 25 2009

Inari Sushi Babies

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Bento #2: Chwee Kueh (Singaporean water rice cake with preserved turnip)

This is a classic Singaporean Hawker Food dish.
Recipe can be found here.

Bento Made On: August 23 2009
Bento Eaten On: August 24 2009

chwee kueh

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Bento #1: Rice, Corned Beef, Edamame and Chestnuts

Simple bento with carrot flowers that I used a knife to cut.
Bento made on: August 16 2009
Bento eaten on: August 17 2009

Bento 1 Rice Corned Beef Edamame Chestnuts

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