Ice Cream Try-Outs

So far, I have made 3 flavors with my new little ice cream contraption:
Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream
Nocciola Gelato (Hazelnut Itallian Ice Cream)
Strawberries’ n cream Ice Cream

I found the recipe for the Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream here on
The Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream turned out very icy, almost like a slushie as opposed to ice cream.
Come to find out…I forgot to put whipping cream! X_X
Epic Fail…
Actually it wasn’t entirely my fault. While I was beating the eggs and sugar together in Step 2, my sister decided that she wanted to help me do Step 3 which was “Mix in condensed milk, half-n-half, cream and cocoa powder”. And THAT was how the whipping cream got left out.
For a long while, I couldn’t figure how why it was so icy. I mean, I did everything the recipe told me to do… So what’s going on here??? And then 2 days later, when I was looking for something in the fridge, I saw a pint of unused whipping cream…That’s when I solved the mystery of the unintended icy ice-cream!
Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of this epic fail. Even though it was icy, it was still yummy. So I wanted to gobble it up immediately and did not have time to take any pictures. Maybe next time!

Nocciola Gelato turned out good and creamy! But it was not quite sweet enough. So I made it another time and made sure to add more sugar. Turned out good and sweet, but not creamy! LOL. The picture above is my uncreamy nocciola gelato.
What is Gelato, you may ask. Gelato is basically Itallian ice cream. It’s much healthier because it has 8-16% less butterfat. It is also much denser. My family and I had the yummiest Gelato in Italy last year. We had it in Rome, Milan, Venice…everywhere we went had gelato shops. Obviously Nocciola Gelato was our all-time favorite! *Drooool. I really like Yoghurt Gelato as well. Tart. Yummy. More Creamy than frozen yoghurt. By the way, I got the recipe here. But maybe I’ll try this recipe the next time. Looks good..! And I get to use vanilla beans. $$$!

I was supposed to make Strawberry Ice cream, but it turned out to be “Strawberries’ n cream” ice cream. LOL.
I guess I have not made a perfect batch of ice creamy goodness yet…
In time…in time…

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I scream for Ice Cream!!! :O

The past few weeks I’ve been craving ice cream (non-grocery store kind) and frozen yoghurt ALOT. But usually the stores are already closed or just too far from me or I’m just too lazy. So, I just decided to buy a Cuisinart ice cream maker!

Tis a nice one too! It has two small bowls instead of one big bowl, so you can have 2 flavors at a time :).
This ice cream maker makes ice cream, sorbet AND frozen yogurt. I LOVE frozen yogurt. Yoforia’s frozen yogurt is the best I’ve tried but the nearest store from me is located IN Perimeter mall so the store hours are pretty limited. So I hope I’ll be able to make froyo as good as Yoforia’s 🙂

I also purchased a few ice cream recipe books like this and this to try on the machine.

I can’t wait to try it out! It will be here in 2 days. *Anticipating face*
I’ll be posting my upcoming ice cream making adventures with my very own ice cream food porn pictures here in this blog.
Over and out~

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