Chocolate Mint Cake

I made this last Sunday. It was pretty good. It was the first chocolate cake I made that did not use cocoa powder. This recipe uses semi-sweet chocolate morsels instead. It turned out abit too sweet for me, so next time I will be sure to decrease the amount of sugar in the cake and frosting. Tasted fudgey, rather than cakey cake. So I just went around telling everyone that it was Chocolate Fudge Mint Cake. 😀 Everytime I make something that turns out differently than originally intended, I just call it a different name. Haha. So in that sense, it doesn’t become another failure, but an unintended surprise that is somehow justified.

The recipe told me to bake the cake at 350deg for 30minutes. But when it was 30minutes and I inserted a toothpick in the center of the cake to test if it was ready, it did not come out clean… So I waited, and waited…15 more minutes…30 more minutes.. the inserted toothpick still wasn’t completely clean. By this time, the cake already risen unevenly like a small volcano, and even cracked a little. I don’t know why this happened. I read online and some say it is because the temperature is too high. Maybe I will try cooking at 325deg instead. This cake was baked in a Wilton 3″ pan instead of a 2″ pan like the recipe asked for, maybe that could be another factor.

Nevertheless, I simply cut the top part that was uneven with my newly bought cake leveler and it turned out fine. 😀 I then crumb-coated it with Peppermint Frosting, popped it into the fridge, then took it out again for a “bath” in chocolate ganache. Yum. I love ganaches.

The recipe can be found here.

What cake shall I make next…any suggestions?

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