I’m a skater girl (almost…)

I recently took up skateboarding, to balance off the calories from all the present and future practise cakes I will consume. 😀
It’s very hard! I can push and turn now, but still can’t figure out how to ollie. I know exactly how to do it in theory by hard.

First you put your front foot in the middle of the board, and your other foot goes on the tail. Make sure you bend your legs. Then you pop the board. Just as the board lands on the ground, you jump and slide your front foot up the board. This motion will drag the board up in the air. Then, level your feet, and bend your legs to soften the impact upon landing.

But when I ACTUALLY attempt this, it’s tres difficult! One of my problems is that I don’t jump high enough, so I’m just practicing jumping high on my skateboard without any popping yet. Lol.

Last week, while my cake was just crumb-coated and resting in the fridge, I went to a mini skate park in lawrenceville. I was rather shy to even step in, seeing as though the people skating there were lil’ munchkins (5-8years old) or pretty skilled teenagers. I guess mainly because I didn’t want to get into anyone’s way and it was a pretty small skate park. So I just skated around the park trail. It was still really fun because of all the slopes and I improved in my pushing and turning skills.

Maybe I will try out Woodward Skatepark next time, it’s $5 on Thursdays 8-10pm. And I won’t feel as old because 6-8pm is $5 for “old men”, and their definition of “old men” is 25 years old. LOL!