I scream for Ice Cream!!! :O

The past few weeks I’ve been craving ice cream (non-grocery store kind) and frozen yoghurt ALOT. But usually the stores are already closed or just too far from me or I’m just too lazy. So, I just decided to buy a Cuisinart ice cream maker!

Tis a nice one too! It has two small bowls instead of one big bowl, so you can have 2 flavors at a time :).
This ice cream maker makes ice cream, sorbet AND frozen yogurt. I LOVE frozen yogurt. Yoforia’s frozen yogurt is the best I’ve tried but the nearest store from me is located IN Perimeter mall so the store hours are pretty limited. So I hope I’ll be able to make froyo as good as Yoforia’s 🙂

I also purchased a few ice cream recipe books like this and this to try on the machine.

I can’t wait to try it out! It will be here in 2 days. *Anticipating face*
I’ll be posting my upcoming ice cream making adventures with my very own ice cream food porn pictures here in this blog.
Over and out~

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