Back into the bento business :D

Today is my girlfriend’s kids’ 1st day back to school.

So I decided to make them a bento as I do every now and then. (well, to be honest this is the 2nd time I made them a bento :D)

They love pokemon so I made pokeballs!

These are made using sushi rice (rolled into a ball with seaweed filling), Β imitation crabmeat (rolled our into flat pieces oh so carefully) and seaweed (cut with scissors into strips).


Top left: Stir-fry Broccoli with edamame with a lil’ oyster sauce

Top right: Ground Pork fried with teriyaki sauce, mirin and soy sauce

Bottom left: Aforementioned pokeballs

Bottom right: Inari sushi (beancurd skin)

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I’m a skater girl (almost…)

I recently took up skateboarding, to balance off the calories from all the present and future practise cakes I will consume. πŸ˜€
It’s very hard! I can push and turn now, but still can’t figure out how to ollie. I know exactly how to do it in theory by hard.

First you put your front foot in the middle of the board, and your other foot goes on the tail. Make sure you bend your legs. Then you pop the board. Just as the board lands on the ground, you jump and slide your front foot up the board. This motion will drag the board up in the air. Then, level your feet, and bend your legs to soften the impact upon landing.

But when I ACTUALLY attempt this, it’s tres difficult! One of my problems is that I don’t jump high enough, so I’m just practicing jumping high on my skateboard without any popping yet. Lol.

Last week, while my cake was just crumb-coated and resting in the fridge, I went to a mini skate park in lawrenceville. I was rather shy to even step in, seeing as though the people skating there were lil’ munchkins (5-8years old) or pretty skilled teenagers. I guess mainly because I didn’t want to get into anyone’s way and it was a pretty small skate park. So I just skated around the park trail. It was still really fun because of all the slopes and I improved in my pushing and turning skills.

Maybe I will try out Woodward Skatepark next time, it’s $5 on Thursdays 8-10pm. And I won’t feel as old because 6-8pm is $5 for “old men”, and their definition of “old men” is 25 years old. LOL!

Chocolate Mint Cake

I made this last Sunday. It was pretty good. It was the first chocolate cake I made that did not use cocoa powder. This recipe uses semi-sweet chocolate morsels instead. It turned out abit too sweet for me, so next time I will be sure to decrease the amount of sugar in the cake and frosting. Tasted fudgey, rather than cakey cake. So I just went around telling everyone that it was Chocolate Fudge Mint Cake. πŸ˜€ Everytime I make something that turns out differently than originally intended, I just call it a different name. Haha. So in that sense, it doesn’t become another failure, but an unintended surprise that is somehow justified.

The recipe told me to bake the cake at 350deg for 30minutes. But when it was 30minutes and I inserted a toothpick in the center of the cake to test if it was ready, it did not come out clean… So I waited, and waited…15 more minutes…30 more minutes.. the inserted toothpick still wasn’t completely clean. By this time, the cake already risen unevenly like a small volcano, and even cracked a little. I don’t know why this happened. I read online and some say it is because the temperature is too high. Maybe I will try cooking at 325deg instead. This cake was baked in a Wilton 3″ pan instead of a 2″ pan like the recipe asked for, maybe that could be another factor.

Nevertheless, I simply cut the top part that was uneven with my newly bought cake leveler and it turned out fine. πŸ˜€ I then crumb-coated it with Peppermint Frosting, popped it into the fridge, then took it out again for a “bath” in chocolate ganache. Yum. I love ganaches.

The recipe can be found here.

What cake shall I make next…any suggestions?

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Cake Attack

Credit for this photo goes to:

Alas, I have swiftly moved past the Ice-cream phase and gone into the Cake phase.
I know, I know, like my Primary 1 (Grade 1) School teacher said, “She’s a scatterbrain”.
Lol . I just like different things and get bored quickly. Is there anything wrong with that?? *pout* XD

This was largely brought upon the multitudes of episodes of “Ace of Cakes” I had been watching on the Food Network. They have the awesomest cakes ever..! Some of my favorites are the Nikon D60 Cake (My camera!!), and the iphone cake. But then again, all of their cakes are awesome!

I’ve signed up for the Wilton Cake Decorating Class at my local Michael’s store. SO excited!!! It will start in 2 days!!! My colleague at work, Brenda, had taken the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes before but stopped because of her arthiritis. So she gave me all her cake decorating stuff! Sweeet…! But despite that load of cake decorating stuff, I increasingly became obsessed with buying MORE stuff..ahhh..helppp.
I bought stuff like decorating press sets, an angled icing spatula, rotating cake stand, cake lifter, icing scultor set….etc…etc…etc! I even bought sugar pearls, edible shiny dust, and green and white merckens chocolate wafers from eBay. All this before attending a single cake decorating class.. lol!

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Ice Cream Try-Outs

So far, I have made 3 flavors with my new little ice cream contraption:
Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream
Nocciola Gelato (Hazelnut Itallian Ice Cream)
Strawberries’ n cream Ice Cream

I found the recipe for the Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream here on
The Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream turned out very icy, almost like a slushie as opposed to ice cream.
Come to find out…I forgot to put whipping cream! X_X
Epic Fail…
Actually it wasn’t entirely my fault. While I was beating the eggs and sugar together in Step 2, my sister decided that she wanted to help me do Step 3 which was “Mix in condensed milk, half-n-half, cream and cocoa powder”. And THAT was how the whipping cream got left out.
For a long while, I couldn’t figure how why it was so icy. I mean, I did everything the recipe told me to do… So what’s going on here??? And then 2 days later, when I was looking for something in the fridge, I saw a pint of unused whipping cream…That’s when I solved the mystery of the unintended icy ice-cream!
Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of this epic fail. Even though it was icy, it was still yummy. So I wanted to gobble it up immediately and did not have time to take any pictures. Maybe next time!

Nocciola Gelato turned out good and creamy! But it was not quite sweet enough. So I made it another time and made sure to add more sugar. Turned out good and sweet, but not creamy! LOL. The picture above is my uncreamy nocciola gelato.
What is Gelato, you may ask. Gelato is basically Itallian ice cream. It’s much healthier because it has 8-16% less butterfat. It is also much denser. My family and I had the yummiest Gelato in Italy last year. We had it in Rome, Milan, Venice…everywhere we went had gelato shops. Obviously Nocciola Gelato was our all-time favorite! *Drooool. I really like Yoghurt Gelato as well. Tart. Yummy. More Creamy than frozen yoghurt. By the way, I got the recipe here. But maybe I’ll try this recipe the next time. Looks good..! And I get to use vanilla beans. $$$!

I was supposed to make Strawberry Ice cream, but it turned out to be “Strawberries’ n cream” ice cream. LOL.
I guess I have not made a perfect batch of ice creamy goodness yet…
In time…in time…

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I scream for Ice Cream!!! :O

The past few weeks I’ve been craving ice cream (non-grocery store kind) and frozen yoghurt ALOT. But usually the stores are already closed or just too far from me or I’m just too lazy. So, I just decided to buy a Cuisinart ice cream maker!

Tis a nice one too! It has two small bowls instead of one big bowl, so you can have 2 flavors at a time :).
This ice cream maker makes ice cream, sorbet AND frozen yogurt. I LOVE frozen yogurt. Yoforia’s frozen yogurt is the best I’ve tried but the nearest store from me is located IN Perimeter mall so the store hours are pretty limited. So I hope I’ll be able to make froyo as good as Yoforia’s πŸ™‚

I also purchased a few ice cream recipe books like this and this to try on the machine.

I can’t wait to try it out! It will be here in 2 days. *Anticipating face*
I’ll be posting my upcoming ice cream making adventures with my very own ice cream food porn pictures here in this blog.
Over and out~

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Omuraisu ga sukidesu!
I made omurice for dinner tonight.

Oiishidesuyo! Tasted uber yummy πŸ™‚
I started with some leftover beef fried rice from a local korean tofu house. For more nutritious meal, I added in some chopped deli-sliced ham to the fried rice then fried it with some ketchup til it became pinky orange in color. I also added black pepper for a little kick. Then I whisked 2 eggs together and made an omelet. Being careful not to damage the perfectly round omelet, I placed it over my fried rice. I made sure I did not put too much fried rice on the plate, if not it will be hard to cover it completely with the omelet. I tucked in the omelet into the rice on top and the bottom. Then, I drizzled the ketchup over it and added some chopped spring onions for some color and added taste.

I also made Japanese curry, the sauce packet kind, not the granules kind.
This was my first time making curry from the sauce packet that included vegetables.
Even though it has the added convenience of not having to add your own chopped veggies, I think I like the granules kind better.
The consistency is smoother and less lumpy for the granules kind..

Tada…this is my finished product:

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Bento #6: Spam Fried Rice, deli sliced chicken breast (ham style), Dried Prunes, Strawberry jam bunny sandwiches

Leftover spam fried rice from last night’s dinner
Sunsweet Dried Prunes for fiber
Strawberry jam bunny sandwiches made of cut hot dog buns, organic strawberry jam, and decorated with melted milk chocolate

The milk chocolate hardened really quickly…!


Bento #5: (Half-a-bento) Caprese & Popcorn

1st Tier: Cherry tomatoes & string mozzarella cheese skewers
2nd tier: Caramel popcorn from Garrett’s.

Had a half a sandwich left from previous day’s lunch from Jason’s Deli in the office fridge.bento5

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Bento #4: Kimchi Fried Rice, Ham flowers with star eyes, Popcorn, Dried Prunes, Haw Flakes

Kimchi Fried Rice has kimchi, rice, mushrooms, japanese fish sausages, seaweed and beef. Been addicted to kimchi fried rice ever since I ate it at the restaurant Honey Pig. You have to request for fried rice at the end of your grilled meat/seafood..etc meal.

Used a vegetable cutter to cut out flowers from Ham, and used paper punches to cut out stars and the mouth from nori seaweed.

The second tier contains caramel popcorn from Garrett’s. It’s the most delcious popcorn I’ve ever tasted!! πŸ˜€ The other cupcake foil holds 2 Sunsweet individually wrapped dried prunes and 1 Haw flakes snack.

Bento Made On: September 7 2009
Bento Eaten On: September 8 2009

kimchi fried rice